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Nunn Telephone Company offers malware removal tools through Golden Shield, your "One-Stop Shop" for Malware Removal Tools, Internet, and PC troubleshooting.


Your computer can be fixed affordably, in the comfort of your own home! Don't worry about spending a fortune on getting your computer fixed. Instead, use malware removal tools from Nunn Telephone Company to get your computer fixed fast.

Hassle-Free Remote Computer Support

The Internet is full of threats. We can help protect you and your computers. With Anywhere Support by Golden SHIELD you can get great support from A+ Certified technicians. Once we've connected to your computer, you're free to go about the rest of your day.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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General Services

  • Virus / Adware / Malware Removal—our remote repair session for virus related issues includes a full virus sweep by our AV tools and a complete removal of any infections that may be found. $84.95
  • PC Optimization— is a general optimization service for your computer. It includes adjusting the start menu, removing unnecessary programs and other optimization tasks. $49.95
  • Generic Services— covers any repairs that do not fall into the other repair categories. $49.95
  • Quick Service— takes care of issues that are not supported under any other areas of support, but can be fixed in 20 minutes or less. $21.29
  • OS Repair— provides re-installation of the operating system and back up files. $99.95

Prices are a one-time charge

Configuration Services

  • Advanced Router Setup— encompasses advanced router configuration, including port forwarding, DMZ, and other configuration elements that are typically out of scope. $59.95
  • Device Install— covers the installation and configuration of manufacturer software for camera drivers, printers, scanners, fax machines, multi-function devices, web cams, MP3 players, specialized USB devices. $49.95
  • Software Install— we will install your provided software. You will need to have the install medium and each piece of software. $39.95

Training Services

  • PC Training— we provide a remote training session between you and our agent by way of a web browser, email client or operating system of your choice. This is a comprehensive training session and all your questions should be answered. $49.95

Nunn Telephone Company is a member of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association.

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