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Statement of Network Openness

Nunn Telephone Company will adhere to the principles contained in the FCC's Internet Policy Statement (FCC 05-151) as well as any subsequent rulings, regulations or policies promulgated by the FCC.

Nunn Telephone Company will not favor any lawful Internet applications and content over others.

Nunn Telephone Company will display any network management policies in a prominent location on the service provider's web page and provide notice to customers on any changes to these policies. Current policies are posted at Other than standard best effort Internet delivery, Nunn Telephone Company implements rate setting policies on equipment to allocate bandwidth to users in accordance with the service plan or tier of service purchased by the subscriber, but otherwise does not differentiate among applications, providers, or sources; or limit usage by any subscriber who is accessing the system in accordance with published policies. Illegal or harmful activities by users will not be tolerated and any such activity will be subject to appropriate legal action by Nunn Telephone Company.

Nunn Telephone Company will connect regular subscribers to the public Internet directly as indicated in the Network Diagram. In the future, Nunn Telephone Company may offer additional managed services that use private network connections, rather than traversing the public Internet.

Nunn Telephone Company will offer interconnection, where technically feasible without exceeding current or reasonably anticipated capacity limitations, on reasonable rates and terms to be negotiated with requesting parties. This includes both the ability to connect to the public Internet and physical interconnection from the exchange of traffic.

All of Nunn Telephone Company's policies are subject to the needs of law enforcement and reasonable network management. Nunn Telephone Company may employ generally accepted technical measures to provide acceptable service levels to all customers, such as caching (including content delivery networks) and application-neutral bandwidth allocation, as well as measures to address spam, denial of service attacks, illegal content, and other harmful activities.

Broadband Internet Access Services, Network Management Practices, Performance Characteristics, and Commercial Terms and Conditions for Fixed Services

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Nunn Telephone Company is a member of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association.

Nondiscrimination Statement

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