Like many rural telephone systems, Nunn Telephone Company's history dates back into the early 1900s.

In 1911, the Town of Nunn issued a telephone franchise to S E Hobart. The humble beginnings of the telephone system expanded from the Town of Nunn into the rural as neighbors banded together to build and maintain Nunn.

Those early day pioneers kept things working through natural disasters, the Great Depression and two World Wars before the company was purchased from Frank Mann in 1948 and converted to Nunn Telephone Company which was owned by the stockholders. Today, Nunn Telephone Company service is fiber based, providing "World Class" services.

From those humble beginnings back in 1911, Nunn Telephone Company, directors and employees continue to deliver the technology and service that our customers not only value but need to be successful.

The 1948 residence of Frank Mann
The 1948 residence of Frank Mann, which housed the original magneto phone system.

Nunn Telephone Company purchased the telephone system from Mr. Frank Mann who operated the existing cord-board from the front of his residence at 287 Logan Avenue in Nunn, Colorado. The magneto system was connected by open wire on four main rural lines serving the rural area. At that time the system served approximately 80 customers.
The company converted the original cooperative organization into a stock company. Today the company has 7970 outstanding shares of stock held by 106 stockholders.
The company applied for an REA loan to upgrade the system to dial with a mechanical step switch in a newly constructed central office building and began trenching in buried cable plant.
The Carr Telephone Company serving the town of Carr was purchased and added to the Nunn Telephone Company.
Nunn Telephone Company converted to digital switching with the use of a Nortel DMS 10 switch.
Fiber cable was placed to connect to Qwest at Pierce to add the data links to provide database services including Caller ID.
DSL service was made available.
A fiber optic ring was completed in order to deliver top quality data services.
Fiber to the Home service was made available.

Nunn Telephone Company is a member of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association.

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